UAS Pilot Certification Registration

At this time we are offering this certification to CDPS employees, public safety agencies, and volunteers sponsored by a public safety agency.

Please choose a course according to your flight experience level. All courses require an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC) Certificate. If you do not have your Part 107 RPIC, you may still take the certification test, but no certification will be issued untill you provide us with your 107 RPIC Number.

More courses will be scheduled in the future - check back. If you have a group of pilots to certify, contact Garrett Seddon

The course will be conducted at 375 County Road 352, Building 2060 Rifle, CO 81650.

The annual certification and initial certification course with Part 107 and flight experience will begin at 1000 the day of the training.

Course Name  Course Length

Course Cost
(Career/Volunteer Agencies)

 Initial Certification with Part 107 and No Flight Experience  8 Hours  $150/$75
 Initial Certification with Part 107 and Flight Experience  4 Hours  $100/$50
 Annual Recertification  4 Hours  $100/$50


DFPC Testing Requirements and Safety Guidelines for COVID-19

In addition to enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing procedures, DFPC is implementing the following requirements for candidates at DFPC testing events in accordance with CDC and CDPHE guidelines:

- Candidates must not exhibit any signs of COVID-19 in order to participate in a DFPC testing event. If a candidate exhibits or verifies having known symptoms of COVID-19, they will be asked to leave the site and will need to reschedule their exam for a future date

- All testing candidates will be required to provide and wear a mask or other appropriate facial covering

- Temperature checks will be conducted on all participants. Individuals will be asked to leave the site immediately if they have a temperature reading of 100.4 or greater

- Where soap and water are not readily available, alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60% alcohol will be supplied for use by all participants